Maui – Day 5

Activities: Maluaka Beach for more snorkeling.
Maui Ocean Center – We headed to the aquarium. The best part was the giant tube tank, a matinee went over us in the the tank and there was giant puffer fish.
New Years – Walking back from dinner we past the Banyan Tree, it was all lit with Christmas lights. At midnight we were sitting outside under the stars and listened to the ocean. We could hear all the cheers and watched some fireworks before heading to bed.
Food: We had some amazing food at Coconut’s Fish Cafe for lunch (coconut shrimp and chips) and next to it was Wow Wow Lemonade, whih was very refreshing.
New Year Eves dinner at Koa’s Seafood Grill on top of an open patio with a view of the ocean. There were giant puffer fish you could see from the top. The waiter said people feed it bread so it comes every night.

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