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Maui – Day 8

Activities: On our last day we went whale watching with Pacific Whale Foundation in the morning. We saw a baby and mother whale and a few male whales.
We had a little more time before our flight so we went back to Ho’okipa Beach Park. I am so glad we did, the second time there were over 40 sea turtles on the beach, it was a perfect end to our trip and even ended with a beautiful sunset.

Maui – Day 7

Activities: Skyline Eco Adventure– we went zip-lining and headed to
Black Rock – to do more snorkeling. There were a ton of pipe fish and lot less coral.
Food: Hula Grill – best Ahi ever and tasty lemonade drinks.

Maui – Day 6

ActivitiesAli’i Kula Lavender Farm – we went to an amazing lavender farm. We took a walking tour and learned about Spanish, French and English lavender. The family really enjoyed it; I think more for the chameleons they found vs the lavender but I will take the win.
Haleakalā – we drove up to the top of a volcano and on the way up we drove through the clouds, which was pretty neat. It was cold and we did not stay very long; just long enough to force the kids to take some pictures.
Food: Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie for some yummy pie and hot dogs.

Maui – Day 5

Activities: Maluaka Beach for more snorkeling.
Maui Ocean Center – We headed to the aquarium. The best part was the giant tube tank, a matinee went over us in the the tank and there was giant puffer fish.
New Years – Walking back from dinner we past the Banyan Tree, it was all lit with Christmas lights. At midnight we were sitting outside under the stars and listened to the ocean. We could hear all the cheers and watched some fireworks before heading to bed.
Food: We had some amazing food at Coconut’s Fish Cafe for lunch (coconut shrimp and chips) and next to it was Wow Wow Lemonade, whih was very refreshing.
New Year Eves dinner at Koa’s Seafood Grill on top of an open patio with a view of the ocean. There were giant puffer fish you could see from the top. The waiter said people feed it bread so it comes every night.

Maui – Day 4

Activities: Honolua Bay– we went snorkeling in a tucked away bay. The water was calm and there were a good number of fish to see. The best part was walking to the bay through a lush forest with vines climbing up trees. There were wild chickens running around and it all seemed like something from a movie. (I called the chickens “Hei Heis” from the movie Moana)
Nakalele Blowhole and Maui’s Heart Shaped Rock – we drove a bit farther up the road to see the water show. It is caused by the ocean hitting the shore and forcing water up through a large hole in the lava shelf. You can see this from the top of the hill, but if you walk down to the bottom you can also see Heart Shaped Rock, it is around the corner and can not been seen from the top.
Front Street in Lahaina – the first night we were down in this area Maric saw a street artist doing portraits and she wanted to get hers done.

Maui – Day 3

Actives: Ho’okipa Beach Park – we went in the afternoon and saw three large sea turtles. We were so excited to see them right on the beach.
Old Lahaina Luau – a traditional luau was a must, we had a great time and Rowan found a handmade hook necklace. The banana bread was also amazing.
Food: On the way back from Ho’okipa Beach we went to Acevedo’s Hawaicano Cafe. They had amazing food; everyone loved their meal. Maric ate all her garlic prawns and couldn’t stop.

Maui – Day 2

Activities: Walked the Beach Walk in front of our hotel – the kids played on Kaanapali Beach and we looked at Black Rock.
We went Front street in Lahaina – we attempted the walking tour but only made it to #10. I loved the Banyan Tree. It was planted in 1873 and has rooted itself in many places to support the huge limbs. We stayed until sunset and watched the crabs on the rocks below the walkway.
Food: Slappy Cakes – a fun breakfast place where you make your own pancakes at the table. Also tried the coconut syrup they make, it was amazing.
Paia Fish Market Lahaina – had really good fish and chips


Maui – Travel Day

Activities: Flew all day; arrived after 6:30pm Hawaii time.
Food: Ate at the Hotel, the food was alright but pricey.


Christmas was a bit different this year; no progressive dinner with the other Hynes’ as half the family was on a family vacation and we did our gifts on Christmas morning instead of Christmas Eve. This made Christmas Eve last forever, but we stayed up and watched a Christmas Story.

My sister made me an amazing gift. (picture coming soon…still needs to get hung up)


Family traditions; every year Beth comes over to make cookies.  Yummy and fun.