Maui – Day 4

Activities: Honolua Bay– we went snorkeling in a tucked away bay. The water was calm and there were a good number of fish to see. The best part was walking to the bay through a lush forest with vines climbing up trees. There were wild chickens running around and it all seemed like something from a movie. (I called the chickens “Hei Heis” from the movie Moana)
Nakalele Blowhole and Maui’s Heart Shaped Rock – we drove a bit farther up the road to see the water show. It is caused by the ocean hitting the shore and forcing water up through a large hole in the lava shelf. You can see this from the top of the hill, but if you walk down to the bottom you can also see Heart Shaped Rock, it is around the corner and can not been seen from the top.
Front Street in Lahaina – the first night we were down in this area Maric saw a street artist doing portraits and she wanted to get hers done.

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